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Gabe Cross

CEO, Odyssey Distribution, LLC, Wholesale

I am a Founder and the CEO of Odyssey, a Portland, OR Cannabis start-up, seeking to shape the emerging industry as a force for positive change.

Gabe Cross's Bio:

Entrepreneur in the emerging recreational cannabis industry in Oregon. After working in the sustainable building space for a decade, I chose to dive into a new field and apply my understanding of systems and sustainability to do my part in making the new cannabis industry as sustainable and equitable as possible. Founded Odyssey to support small, boutique farmers by branding, marketing and distributing their product to retail locations in the Portland Metro area.

Gabe Cross's Experience:

  • CEO at Odyssey Distribution, LLC

    Start-up the start-up.

  • Adjunct Instructor at Lane Community College

    Taught courses in LEED and Green Building, and Sustainability Assessment for the Northwest Energy Education Institute (NEEI)

  • Managing Member at New Axiom LLC

    Co-Founder, Managing Member, and sustainability consultant at New Axiom, LLC

Gabe Cross's Education:

  • Pinchot University

    MBA Sustainable Systems
    Concentration: Sustainable Business and Systems Thinking
    Activities: Founded the Lunar Society (if it really exists...)
  • University of California Los Angeles

Gabe Cross's Interests & Activities:

Interests: Sustainability, Permaculture, Sustainable Food and Agriculture, Sustainable Building, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Water Reuse, Materials Ecology, the Living Building Challenge, LEED, Education, Epistemology, Science (fact and fiction) Activities: Cycling, Skiing, Gardening, Cooking, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Contemporary Jeet Kun Do

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